Follow along from the North Entrance at the bottom right of the panoramic picture, south down the Avenue of Flags, east across the Science Bridge to tour Northerly Island, then back across the 23rd Street Bridge, and south along the Midway to the Transportation exhibits near the south end of the fairgrounds.

Avenue of Flags


We shall suppose that the visitor has acquainted himself, in a general way, with the location of the park in which the Century of Progress Exposition has been built. This is a highly interesting bit of land, a space of 424 acres, rescued from the lake since the Columbian Exposition of 1893. We shall suppose further that the visitor is entering the grounds at the northern gate, just east of the Field Museum, and that he walks south along that portion of Leif Ericson drive which is now known as the Avenue of Flags.

The Administration building, headquarters of the Exposition, can be said to strike the keynote of the entire architectural plan. Ultramodern in design, it was here that far-reaching experiments were made in unusual lighting and color effects, and in choice of construction plans and materials. The Administration building stands to the left after you enter the North Entrance, an E-shaped structure clothed in ultra-marine blue, and yellow, with an entrance of silver.


On the Avenue of Flags the silver and gold Illinois Host building offers its welcome to all the world. Its 70-foot tower surmounts a structure arranged for the specific purpose of hospitality.