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How To Work with A Cheap And Effective Bed Bug Removal Service

Posted by on Jul 2, 2016 in Home |

A bed bug removal service is your best option when it comes to getting rid of these pests. They can spread and get everywhere in a home or business. Having someone you can contact if you suspect they are something you’re dealing with is ideal.

Image result for How To Work with A Cheap And Effective Bed Bug Removal ServiceA pest is not something you will know is bothering you. For instance, you may have bed bugs in some area of your home but haven’t really noticed them yet because nobody has been around where they are like a guest bed in a spare room you have. That’s why you should contact a pest control service so they can do inspections on a regular basis. A bed bug removal service nj based company said there are a lot of problems that only are apparent when they are really bad, so don’t risk it and get someone out there every few months even if you don’t notice issues.

Who can you trust to do the work right when it comes to removing bed bugs from your home or business? You should search online for this kind of service in your area, and not just pest control in general if possible. You want people that have been known to get rid of bed bugs and that have all of the right equipment. Don’t waste time on things you can buy from the store because they may just lessen the problem briefly and you need to have professionals help to avoid another problem.

Bed bugs can be on your furniture. For instance, if you have them they may be hiding in your couch. Sometimes they can even live in places like library books and can become a problem just because you Image result for Bed bugs can be on your furniturechecked out something after it was around a home with these bugs in it. That’s why you need to watch out for buying anything used or that was around items that could have problems like at a thrift store. Even places like movie theaters can have them on the seats, so always be on the lookout for bugs.

Once you’re able to locate a great bed bug removal service you will know who to call if they are a problem for you in the future. The longer you let them stay in your home, the worse it will get. Having the ability to utilize a great service can keep you from having a lot of issues with pests.

Tips To Help Keep Your Travel Agency Office Neat And Clean!

Posted by on Feb 13, 2016 in office, travel |

When you own a prominent business such as a travel agency, your office says a lot about you as a person. The way your furniture is arranged, the cleanliness of your space and the overall look of the office can make or break people’s first impression of you. Even if you’re a fantastic travel agent and have been around the world twice, if your office looks like it hasn’t been dusted or tidied in years, it can make a potential client walk away without committing to a purchase.

Fortunately, besides hiring office cleaners like,  keeping the office neat, tidy, and clean is easy and it doesn’t require a great deal of effort on your part. In order to help you get started, here are some of our top tips:

1. Keep your desk clean and free of any items that aren’t directly related to travel or taking notes. In order to make a good first impression, always clean your desk with a mild furniture cleaner at the end of the day. It will help kill germs and bacteria, but it will also make your desk look that much cleaner.

2. Make sure that all physical printouts are properly organized and kept in a filing cabinet. There’s absolutely no excuse for not storing people’s personal information properly. To make things safer, keep a shredder next to your desk to shred all documents that are no longer valid.

3. There should be no trash or traces of food in your office. One of the most unprofessional things that travel agents do is keep their wrappers on their desks or accidentally leave them on the floor. Keep a trash receptacle next to the door for visitors and one under your desk to keep trash out of the way.

4. Indoor plants are a great way to improve indoor air quality and add a personalized touch to the office. Don’t forget to keep up the appearance of being neat and tidy by putting up a few travel-themed photographs on the wall. There’s no need to go overboard, but you should definitely add a cozy touch.

5. When in doubt, desk organizers are a real blessing. Keep a canister for your pens, pencils, and other writing utensils. In addition, a notepad or other paper for writing on can make your space feel more useful.

When it comes to keeping your travel agency office neat and tidy, there’s really nothing to it. With a bit of minimal effort, you can make a world of difference.

Office Cleaning Chemicals: What Are The Dangers?

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in office |

Keeping offices and commercial properties clean requires high-quality office cleaning services, disinfectants, and equipment. The chemicals in these cleansers and disinfectants are very powerful, which makes them rather effective. This is often necessary in order to clean commercial bathrooms, office furniture, floors, and so on. The cleaning products found in retail stores are not the same quality as those used in offices. They are industrial quality and cannot typically be purchased in stores. Unfortunately, these chemicals are often very dangerous for those that are exposed to them.

Chemicals found in cleansers are often irritants, which is why professional cleaners wear gloves and use other equipment. If these cleansers come into direct contact with skin, a variety of problems can occur. In some cases, these products cause red rashes or itchy, dry skin. In other cases, these chemicals can cause severe burns on the skin. If industrial strength chemicals come into contact with eyes, they can cause blindness. This makes it extremely crucial to use caution when handling these products. It is best to let professional and experienced office cleaners handle them. They know all of the appropriate safety measures to avoid chemical burns and similar issues.

Even if direct contact with the skin does not occur, chemicals can irritate people who inhale them. Accidentally inhaling office cleaning chemicals can cause side effects that range from mild to severe. Some people may experience light headedness or a burning sensation in their nose and throat. Extremely strong chemicals can cause people to vomit or faint if they are directly inhaled. Again, this makes it very important for inexperienced individuals to avoid using these chemicals. Professional cleaning companies employ people who are properly trained in the use of various office cleaning chemicals. They can ensure an office gets cleaned properly as needed.

Lastly, these cleaning chemicals can be dangerous for the environment. Certain cleansers may harm plants and animals if they are disposed of incorrectly. Others may be damaging to the ozone layer. This makes it crucial for office cleaning chemicals to be disposed of in a safe and regulated manner. Each type of cleaning chemical has different instructions for safe disposal. The average office worker may not know how to safely dispose of these chemicals. This is a job that should be left up to cleaning professionals. This greatly reduces the chances of these cleansers harming plants, animals, and the ozone.

Traveling Solo In Europe: Tips For Getting The Most From Traveling Alone

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in travel |

My first backpacking trip in Europe was a solo adventure. I was a little worried at first, but I soon found that traveling alone was one of the best things I’d ever done. While it did have some downsides, I still wholeheartedly endorse solo traveling to anyone (males and females). This guide will cover the positives and the negatives of traveling Europe alone and give you some practical advice on how to make the most of your travels.

Note: Looking for female-specific advice — check out our Guide To Solo Travel For Women in Europe

Positive Aspects Of Solo Travel

Complete Control: When you travel alone you can do whatever you want. You can eat whenever, see whatever, and go wherever you want. You can’t fully appreciate this freedom until you travel with other people.

Food Freedom: From my experience, choosing where to eat can cause more stress than just about anything else– especially when you’re traveling with a group of people. When you travel alone you can choose exactly where to eat. Also, many restaurants in Europe won’t split up the bill so paying become a huge hassle in large groups.

Choose Your Itinerary: You can do the things you want to do. You don’t need to answer to anyone else. In a group everyone has their own ideas of what to see and this can cause a lot of conflict.

No Arguments: You’re bound to get into arguments or even fights with your travel partners. Travel can be stressful and you usually take out your frustration on your travel partners. I find that I get a lot less stressed when I am alone.

Total Focus: There is no one to “distract” you. You’re totally focused on whatever it is you’re experiencing.

Reinvent Yourself: You can be whoever you want to be when you travel alone. This is your chance to let loose.

Meet New People: I meet a lot more people when I travel alone. Groups tend, usually unknowingly, to put up a “wall” between themselves and other travelers, so this makes groups not as approachable. You also have an instant connection with other solo travelers — yes, there are plenty of other solo travelers.

Self-Growth: You have no one but yourself to rely on when you’re a solo traveler. You quickly learn to be self reliant and I think that makes you a stronger person.

Disadvantages Of Solo Backpacking

Eating Alone: Many people feel really uncomfortable eating alone — especially in restaurants. It isn’t bad for breakfast and lunch, but dinners do get a little lonely. It really isn’t that bad and it isn’t too hard to find other people to eat with.

Unwanted Isolation: Staying in hostels is great because there are almost always tons of other people around to hang out with. But there will be times where you’ll find yourself alone.

I remember my very first night of solo traveling. I was in Dublin and the hostel was overrun by a large group of Spanish students. There must have been about 40 of them. I didn’t meet any English speakers that first night so it was pretty lonely. I was also a new traveler so I was pretty timid. Luckily, occasions like this were pretty rare.

No “Buddy System”: It can be nice to have a buddy to share your memories with and to help keep each other safe. Although I wouldn’t worry too much about safety because I never felt unsafe in Europe. A little common sense is all you need.

How To Successfully Travel Alone

Stay In Hostels: This is the most important thing for any solo traveler. Hostels are full of like-minded adventurers and most of them are extremely willing to meet new people.

Don’t Break The Unspoken Hostel Rules: Read the savvy guide about hostel etiquette.

Be Friendly and Outgoing: Smile and be the first person to introduce themselves. If someone new arrives at the hostel greet them. An introverted solo traveler can have a rough time meeting new people. I didn’t do a very good job being outgoing my first few nights and I had a hard time meeting people. But after the third night I forced myself to be a little more outgoing and it opened up so many doors.

Beer: Buy some cheep beer and offer it to people. You’ll meet TONS of people this way. People will often do the same for you.

Cook Meals In The Hostel: You’ll meet so many people if you hang out in the kitchen around dinner time.

Hostel Planned Activities: Many hostels plan outings like free walking tours or pub crawls.

Safety First: Use your common sense. It probably isn’t the best idea to walk around large cities at night by yourself. Actually, I’ve done this many times and never felt unsafe . Just be sure to stay alert. If something doesn’t feel right then you shouldn’t do it. Always walk with confidence and act like you’ve done this a million times.

Support The Savvy Backpacker

tsblogotwitterI’ve invested a lot of long hours creating this site. If you’ve found it helpful, the best way to say thanks is by clicking on my links.I get a depressingly small commission when you purchase anything on Amazon after you’ve clicked my link—this helps me keep the site running… and maybe buy a few beers. And it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Also, if you’re a student don’t forget to sign up for a FREE year of Amazon Prime.

Thanks for all your support!

New Year’s Eve Manila 2016: Awesome Guide to a Dazzling New Year!

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in travel |

New Year’s Eve is never complete without a dazzling display of fireworks, fantastic food, and music to usher partygoers into the New Year.

If you love to eat, you can welcome 2016 at Discovery Primea Makati’s “Glitter & Gold” 4-course set menu with champagne to toast, Diamond Hotel’s delicious Corniche Buffet, or Vask’s NYE Special. Should you want free flowing Dom Perignon, Spiral Buffet at Sofitel Plaza Manila offers guests a special package dinner so you can toast all you can!

If you’re more into the club scene, you can catch the Bass Jackers at Chaos, City of Dreams Manila or take a dip at The Palace Pool Club’s New Year’s Eve Ball. If that’s not your style, then you could revel in the color of the year at Pangaea’s New Year’s Eve White PartySofitel’s Venice-Themed New Year’s Extravaganza: Canaval Venetzia, or Discovery Ortigas’ “Live to Tell”, a New Year’s Eve party featuring Madonna’s best hits!

You can catch some awesome local acts at Eastwood’s New Year Countdown featuring stars like Rico Blanco, Christian Bautista, and some of Manila’s best DJ’s. 

Here’s a handy guide to some of the best places to go for this New Year’s Eve…


1) The Palace

The Palace will be hosting some of the most anticipated New Years Eve parties in all four of its venues including Valkyrie Nightclub, The Palace Pool Club, Revel, and Naya.

After the countdown, clubbers can witness an explosive fireworks display at 2AM while they’re joined by world-class acts like Dutch DJ Alvaro and local DJ’s like Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Martin Pulgar, Marc Naval, Kat DJ, Nix Damn P, and many more.

Expect a New Year’s dinner package at Naya by Chef Mikko Reyes and a special Cocktail by Erwan Heussaff. The three-course menu starts at Php1,500+

Per head:


9th Ave cor 36th Street, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila
Mobile: +63 917 689-8888
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 5 pm onwards, Sunday: 3 pm onwards
Twitter: @PalacePoolClub
Facebook: The-Palace-Pool-Club
Instagram: @PalacePoolClub


2) Eastwood, Quezon City

Partake in Eastwood’s New Year Countdown, starting 6PM, with local acts including Rico Blanco, Christian Bautista, Marlisa Punzalan, Kyla, Techy Romantics, Imago, and international singing sensation, Dawin.

The party will be hosted by radio jock, Joyce Pring, and news anchor Andrei Felix. By midnight, partygoers can expect a brilliant show of fireworks and Eastwood’s famous “Dazzling Star Drop” (Eastwood’s version of New York City’s Time Square countdown), which will be followed by an amazing release of 10,000 wish balloons!


Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge
Telephone: +632 709-9888, 709-0888
Mobile: +63 917-8380111


3) Pangaea, City of Dreams Manila

Pangaea at City of Dreams Manila brings you the New Year’s Eve White Party, starting 10PM, on Thursday, December 31st together with Johnnie Walker and Ciroc Vodka. You can dance the night away with music by international musical act, DJ Erok. Note: Don’t forget to wear white!

City of Dreams, Manila
Email: /
Mobile: +63 917 381-3398
Twitter: @Pangaea_Manila
Facebook: PangaeaManila
Instagram: @Pangaea_Manila


 4) Chaos, City of Dreams Manila

Pangaea’s sister club, Chaos, will be hosting a heart-pumping New Year’s Eve party with none other than the Bass Jackers. In partnership with Moet & Chandon & Hennessy, Chaos brings you a countdown party like no other on Thursday, December 31st!


City of Dreams, Manila
Mobile: +63917 562 8229
Twitter: @Chaos_Manila
Facebook: ChaosManila
Instagram: @Chaos_Manila


5) Sofitel Plaza Manila, Harbor Garden Deck & Spiral Buffet

(courtesy of 

Sofitel celebrates the 31st with “The New Year’s Extravaganza: Carnival de Venezia”, an extravagant Italian-themed celebration famous for its partygoers’ elaborate costumes, masks, and lively dances! Be part of the midnight countdown while the night sky transforms into beautiful display of light and color at Harbor Garden Deck.

The carnival will feature a variety of barbecued specialties with an Italian flair accompanied by musical acts including the 10-piece chamber orchestra, Manila String Machine, and the 7-piece full band, Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas.

Carnival de Venezia starts at Php4,712+ per person that is inclusive of a buffet, Italian food, free-flowing beer, iced tea, and of course sparkling wine to toast!

Per head: P 4,712+


Welcome 2016 with a feast as Spiral enhances its culinary offerings with this season’s specialties of turkey, holiday roast, seafood platters and prime rib!

New Year’s Eve Dinner Set (7pm-11pm):
Php5,550+ per person with a glass of a featured 2006 vintage champagne

Prestige Package is available for New Year’s Eve Dinner (7pm-11pm):
Php30,000+ featuring free-flowing Dom Perignon and a half bottle of Grand Cru White or Red

New Year’s Day Brunch (12pm-3pm):
Php3,721+ per person with free-flowing champagne
SOFITEL LUXURY HOTELS Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone: +632 832-6988 or 551-555 Loc. 6988


6) 71 Gramercy, Makati

Celebrate new year above them all! Watch the fireworks BELOW you all over the city. Dine exquisitely with a specially prepared 5 course meal for P3,888+ by Chef Carlo Miguel! For those that want a more sophisticated celebration far from the bedlam come on over to @71Gramercy.

Book your tables now before its too late! Tickets are also limited. For more information, call +639178477535 or +639178094093.

Kalayaan Ave., Cor. Salamanca St., Century City, 1210 Makati, Philippines
Mobile Numbers: (+63 917) 847-7535, (+63 917) 809-4093
Facebook: 71 Gramercy


7) Discovery Primea, Makati

Discover 2016 at Discovery Primea Makati with its New Year’s dinner featuring pre-dinner cocktails, a 4-course set menu, and champagne to toast!

Per head:

Pre-dinner Cocktails:

8PM Onwards

What’s on the Menu:
Course 1
Foie Gras
Confit Black cherry compote, brioche, port-sherry Gastrique

Course 2
Lobster Bisque
Prawn ravioli, dill cream

Course 3
Grilled U.S. prime Rib eye
French Chanterelle Mushrooms and Asparagus
Potatoes “Boulanger”, Creamy Onion “Soubise”, Truffle Sauce “Bordelaise”

Course 4
Chocolate Marquise Toasted pistachios, roasted strawberries
Raspberry Millefeuille
Lemon custard, puff pastry
Vanilla Panna cotta
Coffee cream sauce, chocolate beans


6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226, Philippines
Telephone: +632 955-8888
Facebook: Discovery Primea Makati
Twitter: @PrimeaMakati



8) Vask 

Witness a spectacle of lights at the Vask Anna Deck as the sky fills with a thousand colors. Enjoy your view of the fireworks around the metro while the guest DJ’s serves up an eclectic palette of beats to send you off into 2016!

Consumable rate starts at:
Php10,000 for Anna Deck Couches (good for 10 persons) and Php5,000 (good for 5 persons).
C-Couches are set at Php8,000 (good for 8-10 persons).

A more intimate New Year’s Eve dinner awaits you at Vask Tapas Room. Indulge in their featured set menu served from 6PM to 10PMwith a complimentary glass of Cava!

Per Head:

What’s on the Menu:
Fresh Oyster (Lychee Espuma, Uni)
Chorizo “Joselito” Bomb
Foie Terrine (Foie Gras Mi-Cuit, Vask Raspberry Jam, Brioche Crackers)
Tiradito (Yellow Fin Tuna, Kinilaw, Pickled Arosep)
Lobster (Porcini Quinoa, Cashew Nuts, Mushroom, Emulsion)
Sour Ribs (Wagyu, Soymansi, Onions, Garlic Casein, Tilanum)
Mango Sphere (Mango Mousse Sphere, White Chocolate Chestnut Ice Cream)
Torrija (Biroche, Milk, Anise Ice Cream)


5th Floor, Clipp Center, 11th Avenue Corner, 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(Beside CVC Law Building. Near The Goose Station and St. Michael the Archangel Church in BGC)
Telephone: +632 217-6563
: +63 920 974-4742 or +63 917 806-5292
FacebookVASK Modern Tapas & Gastronomic Cuisine




9) The Manila Hotel

Eat to your heart’s delight with Manila Hotel’s “Broadway New Year’s Countdown” Cross-over Dinner Buffet! All Prestige Premium cardholders get a 50% off for a minimum of 2 to maximum of 10 diners.

For reservations, please call 527-0011 local 1262 to 1263.



Participating branches include:
Cafe Ilang-Ilang
Mabuhay Palace
Champagne Room
Lobby Lounge
Tap Room


One Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Telephone: +632 527-0011
Facebook: Manila Hotel
Twitter: @ManilaHotel
Instagram: Manila_Hotel


10) Discovery Suites, Ortigas

Ring in 2016 with a vibrant fireworks display at Discovery Suites gleaming in the equally stunning Ortigas skyline. A pulsating dance floor awaits at Columbus, where Human Race will perform Madonna’s best hits at “Live to Tell”.

Dinner starts at 7PM, 22 Prime (Show: 10pm, Columbus Function Room, 42nd floor)

25 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone:+63 2 719 8888
Facebook: DiscoverySuitesOrtigas
Twitter: @DiscoverySuites

Here are the room rates for NYE:

Junior Serendipity Suite:

1 Bedroom Serendipity Suite:

Breakfast buffet for two (2) in a Junior Suite and One Bedroom Suite
High Speed Internet Access for unlimited devices and PressReader
Use of swimming pool and Balance Lifestyle Fitness Club

Terms & Conditions:
Prior reservation is required.
Rates are inclusive of applicable government taxes and service charge.
Offer may not be used in conjunction with other promotions and discounts.
Valid on 31 December 2015


11) Diamond Hotel Philippines

Shine bright like a Diamond at Diamond Hotel’s NYE party with buffet from 6PM to 11PM! While you dine, you can also party with Retrospect, Xarchy Band and DJ Marx Monterola starting at 8:30pm.

Per head:

Get a chance to win roundtrip airline tickets for two (2) to Bohol!

Deadline for submission:
December 31 at 11pm
Raffle draw:
January 4, 2016 at 12nn at Corniche, Diamond Hotel Philippines.


Roxas Boulevard, Corner Dr. J Quintos Street, Manila
Telephone: (632) 528-3000
Facebook: diamondhotelphilippines

Live an Awesome Life,

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Disclosure: I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. We usually spend New Year’s Eve quietly outside Manila with the family. Happy New Year!

Choose The Best Bath Faucets For Your Bathroom Design

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in bathroom |

When it comes to bathroom design and remodeling, bath faucets are considered one of the bling or the focal point of the bathroom. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Even the ones that are less expensive still offer many possibilities for those looking for a bathroom upgrade. Once you add in other features such as water conservation, bathroom faucets provide homeowners many conveniences.

However, before you purchase bathroom faucets, there are several factors that you will need to consider. For example, you will need to determine whether you will install the faucets on an existing sink or if you will purchase a new sink. You will also need to consider the features you want as well as your budget for the faucets. You may even want to factor the size of your bathroom and the most popular types of faucets in your area.

The Different Types Of Bathroom Faucets

If you are buying faucets for an existing sink or for a new sink, it is important that the faucets correctly match the opening in the sink.

A single hole faucet is a combination of the spout and the handles. It can be installed into a single opening in the sink. These types of faucets are ideal for smaller bathrooms such as half baths and powder rooms. It is a simple style that reflects modern style and sensibilities.

Wall mounted faucets have gained in popularity with those who are looking for free standing sinks. These sinks require faucets that have spouts that are able to extend past the bowl.


Manufacturers have started to add more products to the market. This provides homeowners the opportunity to have more finish options for their faucets. Clear coat sealers provide even less expensive faucets lifetime warranties on their finishes.

Unfortunately, all of these options can leave homeowners frustrated. The cornucopia of options includes:

• Polished chrome
• Brushed chrome
• Polished nickel
• Stainless steel
• Bronze
• Polished brass
• Decorative ceramic
• Brushed nickel

Gold is also a faucet finish option for homeowners. It is not only an investment option; it also makes a beautiful decorative addition to your bathroom.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the options for faucet finishes, there are some tips that you can follow. Do not worry about the metal that is used for the faucets as much as you focus on the look of the faucets.

Also make sure that the finish you select coordinates well with the other fixtures that are in your bathroom.

Choosing the best bathroom faucets for your bathroom décor is essential to create the look that you want. Bathroom faucets can help elevate your new or remodeled bathroom.