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Posted by on May 19, 2020 in Health |

Important Benefits Of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are designed to relieve the strain related to hearing. With the latest digital technology, these aids now provide more clarity, translating into clearer hearing and less strain.

When a person receives a hearing-aid, they will more than likely experience:

Less Interference From Moderate Amounts of Background Noise

Background noises that are loud will still result in difficult listening situations, even when wearing a hearing aid. Choosing aids that feature dual-microphones is important if these situations cause most of your difficulties with hearing.

Improved Hearing In Listening Environments

Sounds such as refrigerators, footsteps, clocks ticking, and computer noise may seem loud when you first start wearing a hearing aid. This is very normal, and your abilities to start tuning these sounds out will start to improve when your brain starts adjusting to hearing soft sounds.

Snug And Comfortable Fitting Earmolds

When wearing a hearing aid it also normal for the wearer to experience occlusion effect (their voice becomes louder) when wearing earmolds and/or hearing aids.

Hearing aids are efficient in offering a lot of help when it comes to communication. However, these processes do require periods of adjustment for the wearer. When the wearer knows what they can expect, this helps to improve the adjustment process.

Who Can Benefit From Hearing Aids?

Approximately one-third of people over the age of 65 have a certain level of age-related hearing loss. This is hearing loss that occurs very gradually that most people are not aware of until the issue becomes serious. A hearing aid cannot restore the hearing levels that are normal or slow down the onset and progression of age-related or nerve deafness.

The Benefits Of Two Hearing Aids

Getting 2 hearing aids is recommended, unless you only have a problem with one ear. 2 hearing aids often offers these benefits:


Locating where a sound is coming from.

Ability To Hear A Lot Better In Noisy Situations

With dual-microphones, a lot of background interfering noise is canceled out. This is an option that is particularly useful when the wearer is using 2 hearing aids.

You Hear With Your Ears And With Your Brain

When sound is supplied to the ears through a hearing aid, information is sent to the central nervous system, helping the cells become useful and active. When the brain is only receiving sounds from one side, these cells are not in use and can atrophy.

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