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Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in kitchen |

A Kitchen Can Be Made More Spacious With the Right Arrangement

A Kitchen Can Be Made More Spacious With the Right Arrangement

A kitchen that is well arranged is one that must give you space to move around without wasting time and allowing you to perform all the various activities that cooking involves.

You can always add a kitchen island to separate your kitchen from any dining area visually, but if you have a small kitchen, this may not be possible. It is better if you look instead at how you perform various tasks in the kitchen and a kitchen makeover so that your arrangements are more suited to your style of working. Proper arrangement automatically saves unnecessary movement and can give you a feeling that your kitchen has more space.

Start this exercise by reviewing all that you have in your kitchen and whether they are in the correct position. Assign places for all the various tasks you do in the kitchen, whether it is preparing the food, cooking it, putting food away, storing items, or cleaning. You may also set aside separate areas for baking and its allied activities. Now, you must organize your kitchen so that you cut down on all movement while you perform all these tasks at their assigned places. You should be able to conveniently put away your dishes and your cutlery after you have washed them, without having to move too much. Similarly, all cooking implements need to be close to your stove, as that is where you will use them. Knives and chopping boards need to be next to or near the place where you do the food preparation, as must be the mixer. The trick is to have everything that you need for any activity, within arm’s reach.

You will find some things in your kitchen which you use only occasionally. Keep them on higher shelves or storage areas that you do not use very often. If you feel you need any item at two different work areas, buy a second piece, if it does not mean too much of cost. Arrange all the items in your storage, by size, color, and utility. Your kitchen will look neater and once you get used to the arrangement you may find that you rarely spend time hunting for anything. Make sure that all the containers you have can be easy to handle, open and close.

Once your kitchen is well organized you will automatically feel you have a lot of space. Make sure that you always continue with whatever arrangements you make. Organizing the items in your refrigerator, storage cabinets and shelves will also allow you to immediately spot the work that needs to be done, even if it requires replenishing your groceries.

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